Sanderson Field New Aircraft Holding/Run Up Area

  • Location Shelton, WA
  • Client Port of Shelton
  • Owner Port of Shelton
  • Holding but not Held Back

    A new aircraft holding area improves traffic flow.

  • Do Not Disturb

    Construction was scheduled to avoid disrupting an endangered species’ nesting period.

Waiting for the wings. To address safety and traffic flow concerns, the Port of Shelton needed an aircraft holding/run-up area at the end of Runway 23 adjacent to Taxiway A and A1 at Sanderson Field, since one did not exist. This project was identified on the list of short term projects in the Airport’s latest Airport Master Plan. Reid Middleton provided design development and construction engineering for this project on a tight budget with all effort, including construction, limited to entitlement funding.  This project included ½ acre of new asphalt pavement, along with a new subdrainage system and storm drainage improvements.  Two new non-illuminated signs were constructed, and new edge reflectors were installed at the pavement boundary.  Because Sanderson Field is a known habitat for the federal-threatened Yellow Streaked Horn Lark, extra planning for construction timing to avoid disrupting the lark’s nesting period was a critical element of the project.  In order to minimize environmental costs and impact to the lark, construction started in the fall and the project was completed just as winter settled in.  The provision of this new apron provides a welcome improvement to traffic flow for the diverse users of the Airport, such as the popular skydiving community.