Renton Municipal Airport Taxiway B Rehabilitation

  • Location Renton, WA
  • Client City of Renton
  • When Your Client is The Boeing Company

    Completing construction before a planned increase in 737 production was imperative to project success.

  • Putting out Fires

    Working as a team with the Airport, City, and FAA, Reid Middleton created a design solution to replace an aging and failing fire water line.

A sentimental journey. Built in 1943, this municipal airport is also home to Boeing’s 737, the best-selling commercial jetliner in history. Every 737 has used Renton’s Airport’s Taxiway “B” before being put into service. The infrastructure had failed so significantly that it required extensive and potentially time intensive rehabilitation methods.

The upgrades included reconstructing the pavements, and replacement of some portions of the storm drainage system to improve storm water quality and work to protect salmon in the adjacent Cedar River. The fire water system was also replaced, and the taxiway lighting and signage system was upgraded to LED (light emitting diode) to cut power consumption and long term airport operating costs. This project was critical to maintaining Renton as a launch site for Boeing 737 aircraft, and supporting the growth of general aviation.