Pioneer Hwy & Fir Island Roundabout

  • Location Skagit County, WA
  • Client Skagit County - Public Works
  • 2 + 5 = 1

    2 poor intersection & 5 roads transformed into 1 sweet roundabout.

  • Tulip Festival Ready

    $2m FHWA Quick Response Safety Program grant / 6 month schedule.

A classic ugly duckling story: turning an awkward intersection into a graceful roundabout. Awkward is a gentle way to describe five roads coming together so closely they were ripe for improvement for pedestrians and motorists alike. Five roads that include the only interstate detour route for oversized vehicles and another that is the primary connection to a nearby island community and route to LaConner with their annual Tulip Festival.

Skagit County had a longstanding desire to improve safety and capacity at this site of many serious accidents, critical to the local economy because of its heavy industrial use. Reid Middleton created a roundabout design with demonstrated ability to manage traffic efficiently and reduce fatal and serious injury collisions. To meet a short project schedule, the roundabout team designed within existing right of way, and provided design to the public utility district for the waterline relocation.