Paine Field Runway 16L-34R Rehabilitation

  • Location Everett, WA
  • Client Snohomish County
  • Flying Blind

    Aircraft couldn’t see each other when entering the runway.

  • Making a Quick Exit

    The improvements give pilots a more convenient taxiway configuration.

An airport with a hump. This 3,000-foot-long runway is the busiest of three runways at Paine Field, home to Boeing’s Everett airplane assembly building. The runway’s profile was originally designed to provide tower line of sight to the runway surface, back when the tower was relatively short. Even though a taller tower came along later, the hump was high enough to create visibility problems between aircraft operating when the tower was shut down at night. The runway’s pavement was also showing signs of subgrade failure, a perimeter road needed lowering and resurfacing, and runway and taxiway edge lighting, and navigational aids needed updating. Reid Middleton’s engineers designed a lower profile and a new pavement section for the runway and connecting taxiways, phasing the work to minimize interruption to aircraft traffic. The improvements give pilots a more convenient exit taxiway configuration and allow for safer vehicle movement on the runway perimeter road.