Olympia Taxiway C & W Rehabilitation

  • Location Olympia, WA
  • Client Port of Olympia
  • Charlie and Whiskey Getting Better with Age

    The narrower and realigned taxiways Charlie (C) & Whiskey (W) improve aircraft movement.

Fighting fatigue and failure. Taxiway C (2,200 feet long) and Taxiway W (1,000 feet long) exhibited pavement fatigue and failure. Reid Middleton airport engineers designed the rehabilitation for these two main taxiways at Olympia Regional Airport. The project also includes the widening of the existing terminal ramp entrance to accommodate the larger aircraft that the adjoining taxiway is designed for. Project elements include grading, paving, drainage improvements, and lighting and signage improvements. An environmental element was addressed as the airport is home to several critical species. The project also includes rehabilitation of the airport’s segmented circle, which was in need of significant repair. The project was constructed over multiple phases.