Olympia Regional Airport Taxiway F Rehabilitation

  • Location Olympia, WA
  • Client Port of Olympia
  • Riddle Me This:

    What was black & yellow & cracked all over? Taxiway F

You know it’s time to put your taxiway out to pasture when it’s showing signs of severe cracking. The North section of Taxiway F at the Olympia Regional Airport was comprised of asphalt concrete pavement and showed signs of pavement fatigue, cracking, and possible subgrade failure. Reid Middleton provided professional engineering and construction administration services to rehabilitate the pavement and improve drainage conditions in the adjacent infield areas. The adjacent shoulders and safety areas were regraded to meet FAA standards, and new signage was constructed within the project limits. The newly reconstructed taxiway is now strong enough to safely accommodate the heaviest aircraft that use this taxiway.