Monroe Elementary School Replacement

  • Location Everett, WA
  • Client Dykeman Architects
  • Owner Everett School District
  • Meeting High Standards

    Everett Public Schools’ mission for high standards of education are met with this new school design.

  • Of the People

    This project was funded by a bond approved by voters in 2006.

Flexible spaces meet technology. Everett School District needed to replace an aging elementary school to improve education for its students. Reid Middleton provided civil and structural engineering design of a new, 68,300 SF elementary school. The building is designed with structural steel floor and roof systems and exposed concrete masonry walls along most of the hallways. Exposed wood beams and decking are also used in the library, atrium, administration area, and break-out spaces. The design also includes a dramatic exposed steel entry canopy. A Low Impact Drainage (LID) project, Filtrerra Bioretention Structures collect stormwater runoff from the paved parking areas. School officials believe the school is the first U.S. public school to be almost entirely lit with an LED system.