Military Road South Improvements

  • Location Seatac, WA
  • Client City of Seatac
  • One of Washington's Oldest Roads

    Built in 1860’s to handle convoys.

  • Red Light Green Light

    A new signal eased access from cross street.

This section of roadway had some inferiority issues. Adjacent to an already improved road, the section between South 176th and South 166th was in need of upgrades and definitely feeling some envy. Residents complained that riding on it was rough, pedestrians had no place to walk and it was difficult to cross at South 170th Street.

With an eye to sustainability, Reid Middleton designed a number of improvements to create continuity and enhance safety as people travel throughout the community on this main thoroughfare. The roadway was widened and resurfaced with new asphalt, porous sidewalks and bike lanes for improved pedestrian and cyclist safety and accessibility, better traffic flow with the addition of a two-way left turn lane, overhead utilities were placed underground, and new traffic and pedestrian signals were installed. The road now works well for today’s travelers, just like it did for for wagon trains back in the “old west.”