Haxton Way & Kwina Road Roundabout

  • Location Lummi Indian Reservation, Whatcom County
  • Client Lummi Indian Business Council
  • Dangerous Combination

    A high-speed road intersecting at a skewed angle spelled trouble.

Getting to the ferry on-time, just a little safer. Haxton Way is the primary north-south corridor on the Lummi Reservation and provides access to the Lummi Island Ferry.  It is a high-speed two-lane roadway with a posted speed of 50 mph, which intersects with Kwina Road at an awkward, skewed angle.  The corridor in general, and this intersection in particular, experienced a high number of collisions. This project changed the two-way stop-controlled intersection into a four-leg, single-lane roundabout.

The roundabout was designed in an oval shape to alleviate the severe collisions at this intersection by creating a low-speed environment.  Vehicle speeds through the roundabout are similar regardless if the vehicle approaches from Haxton Way, a 50mph road, or from Kwina Road, a 35 mph road. Because a roundabout efficiently moves vehicles through an intersection without unnecessary stopping, the existing two-lane roadway section can be maintained through this intersection without causing unmanageable delays.


  • 2013 BIA Northwest Safety Project Award