Friday Harbor De-Icing Facility

  • Location Friday Harbor
  • Client Port of Friday Harbor
  • Owner Port of Friday Harbor
  • On Thin Ice

    With winter rapidly approaching, the client needed a new de-icing facility.

Racing against the clock. Near the conclusion of a successful taxiway relocation project at Friday Harbor Airport, the Port identified the need for construction of a de-icing facility to address an immediate environmental/stormwater situation with winter approaching.  With the contractor still mobilized onsite while finishing the taxiway project, Reid Middleton saw an opportunity to take the de-icing facility from an idea to a constructed and functional system.  By conducting an onsite meeting with the FAA and Port, developing the scope of the project, and preparing a design while working closely with the FAA, we were able to get this project designed and constructed using the same contractor in a few weeks before the winter season.

To satisfy environmental requirements, the de-ice fluid had to be collected and disposed of separately from the airport’s stormwater. To accomplish this, an interceptor trench drain was constructed to catch all runoff from the designated de-icing area on the terminal apron.  Two electric valves and controllers were installed so that under normal conditions, when the interceptor was only collecting stormwater runoff, it would be conveyed to the airport’s storm drainage system. However, during de-icing operations, the valves would redirect flow from the interceptor to a pump installed to send flow to the sanitary sewer force main.  The project was pulled into the taxiway project as a change order and was covered with AIP funding.