• Location Various Cities, AK
  • Owner AutoZone, Inc.
  • AutoZone in Alaska

    Now in every state.

  • It’s Different Up Here

    And the stores are designed to reflect it.

Designed to endure. AutoZone, a leading retailer of automotive replacement parts and accessories, now has 5,800 stores worldwide. Proto-typical facility designs are used to make it easy for the 6 million customers who cross their threshold every week to locate a store. However, the temperature, wind, seismic and winter snow load demands Alaska puts on its structures made these homogenous plans inadequate.  While the finished buildings still look like the other 5,800 AutoZone stores, they aren’t.  Reid Middleton gave the designs the unique structural attention they required to withstand the local Alaskan environment: bolstering the roof joists, enhancing the wall reinforcing, and extending the foundation deeper.  Our 8 Alaskan-tough stores have withstood: -50° F temperatures (Fairbanks), 95 mph gusting winds (Anchorage), a 7.1 earthquake (Soldotna), and a 97.8 inch snow fall average (Wasilla).