Billy McKeever


Project Engineer

Sometimes it’s all about life’s simple pleasures – mac n cheese with hotdogs, square dancing, and helping clients achieve their goals with design engineering. Billy is old-fashioned at heart with a mind for the future.

Inspired by the outdoors, old bridges, tunnels and other cool local engineering projects with lots of history, Billy seeks to change and shape our environment for the better. If you get the opportunity to work with Billy, you’ll find that he is a passionate and sociable designer who gets the job done well. Coming from a background working for a public agency, Billy has a heightened understanding of the client’s perspective.

Billy is a civil transportation engineer with experience in traffic and intersection analysis, signal and roundabout design, and design of urban and rural roadway projects. He is experienced in computer aided design and analysis using Civil 3D.


  • Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington


  • Professional Engineer / WA