Lakemont Blvd SE/Cougar Mountain Way Intersection

  • Client City of Bellevue
  • Decisions, Decisions

    Analyzing the options for a busy intersection that experienced long queues during rush hour.

  • Green Means Go!

    A traffic signal was selected to improve the intersection.

No Getting Around(about) It. Being the only continuous north south connector between Factoria Boulevard SE/Coal Creek Parkway SE and Renton Issaquah Road (SR900) and the primary access to Open Window Elementary School, made Lakemont Boulevard extremely busy during rush hour. The City of Bellevue‘s solution was to have Reid Middleton provide an Intersection Alternatives Analysis and Feasibility Report. To complicate the matter, the intersection is bordered on three sides by streams and wetlands. The analysis showed that a roundabout could be constructed and would perform better than a traffic signal. However, the roundabout would require right-of-way acquisition and walls to minimize impacts to adjacent streams and wetlands. Due to these features, roundabout construction cost was five times the cost of an equally performant traffic signal. The traffic signal alternative was selected with Reid Middleton providing PS&E. As part of the improvements, the shoulder was widened on the east side of Lakemont Boulevard SE between Cougar Mountain Way and SE 62nd Street to accommodate a 5-foot-wide bike lane and a left turn lane. As a result, intersection operation improved, continuous bicycle facilities and ADA accessible ramps were provided, and LED illumination was brought up to current standards.