Airport SMS & SRM

Airport Safety Management Systems (SMS) &
Safety Risk Management (SRM)

Planning for safety, managing for safety, and developing a system for documenting and reporting safety in a complex airport environment is challenging yet critical for effective operations.

SMS actively builds safety into organizational processes, administration, training, operations, construction, and makes everyone a partner in promoting safety. An SMS approach to safety is systematic with a continuous process of evaluation, measurement, refinement, and feedback that involves the entire organization. One component of SMS is Safety Risk Management. SRM is designed to proactively identify hazards and continuously assess safety risks and then contain those risks before they result in an accident.

Let our knowledgeable staff assist your airport in developing SMS programs or facilitating Safety Risk Management (SRM) panels for your projects.

01,950,000+ average daily passenger embarkments at airports with SMS requirements



While the mechanics of SMS are important, so are the client’s organizational factors. Reid Middleton’s strength comes from creating and implementing practical solutions customized to each client’s needs.

We believe that effective SMS programs acknowledge the need to evolve attitudes about what safety is and how safety is achieved. Reid Middleton’s approach to SMS includes managing the critical changes in traditional policies, procedures, and relationships. We incorporate change management, effective safety policy design, evolutionary safety culture management, staff education and training, and creating trust with effected stakeholders.

Elements of our SMS approach for airports:

  • Client Organization Analysis
  • Airfield / Terminal Operations Analysis
  • Airport Administrative and Process Evaluation
  • Safety and Security Program Gap Analysis
  • Standards vs Reality
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Initial Recommendations
  • Customized Safety Policy Creation
  • Staff Training and Program Implementation Schedule
  • Ongoing Program Evaluation & Guidance

Elements of our SRM approach for airports:

  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation Identification & Documentation
  • Construction Safety Phasing Plans
  • Construction Safety Hazard Risk Management Panel Experience
  • Construction Project Management


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